1. What is YuuWallet? How does it work?

      2. YuuWallet is a revolutionary web-based solution that allows customers to load their own virtual account with funds and utilize those funds to purchase goods and services online.

        This solution positively re-defines the customer’s online payment experience with its easy-to-use technology and increased flexibility, as well as, enhanced accessibility within a highly secure environment.

      3. Why should I use YuuWallet?

      4. • Simple - Only email and password needed for payment

        • Fast - 2-click payment, immediate credit to merchant

        • Secure - Full privacy protection, no information are ever disclosed to merchants

      1. How can I register an Account?

        Signing up is very easy. All you need is an email address.

        Here's how to sign up for a YuuWallet account:
        1. Go to the YuuWallet website at and click on "Join for free"
        2. Fill out the form with the necessary information, select the country and currency
        3. Confirm that you've read the YuuWallet Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and click Agree.
        4. Click on
        Register button to create account.

        Your account will be activated once you have verified the email sent to your mailbox.

        Please attach your Identification Card/Passport/Proof of address at the Supporting Document under Setting after activate your account.

      2. Do I need to register in order to make payment via YuuWallet?

      3. Yes. But registration is easy and straightforward that will only take minutes

      4. Can I setup an account using someone else's credit card or bank account?

      5. No. YuuWallet performs regular checks to ensure the security of the system. The financial details you register on YuuWallet should be your name only.

      6. Can I register more than one YuuWallet account?

      7. No, you are not allowed to hold more than one account with YuuWallet.

      1. Does it cost money to open a YuuWallet account?

        No, there is no charge to open a YuuWallet account nor purchase items using your YuuWallet account.

      2. What fees do you charge for making a deposit or withdrawal from my YuuWallet account?

      3. No, there is no fee charge to deposit nor withdrawal from your YuuWallet account. 

Login & Password:
      1. How to reset my YuuWallet password?

      2. You can reset your password by simply selecting “Forgot your password?” link on the login page

      3. Forgotten login email address?

      4. Kindly contact our YuuWallet Support to verify and help you retrieve your account.

      5. I have problem logging in using my existing credentials?

      6. Kindly contact our YuuWallet Support for assistance.

      1. Can I change my YuuWallet currency?

      2. The currency of your YuuWallet account cannot be changed due to security reasons. You may close your current account and open a new one. However, you will not be able to see your old transaction history. For further information, please contact YuuWallet Support.

      3. Can I send money in different currencies?

      4. Currency is limited to the what is configured per account. If the recipient currency is different from your currency, the funds will be automatically converted as per conversion rates where currency conversion fees may apply.

      5. My bank account is in a different currency. Can I still use it for withdrawals?

      6. Yes, you can withdraw your funds as per your bank account currency. Remember that currency conversion fees may apply. Please contact YuuWallet support for further clarification.

      7. Is the exchange rate up to date?

      8. Yes, the exchange rate is updated every five minutes.

Account verification:
      1. What is verification?

        Email verification is another security feature to authenticate if the email address you registered is active and valid.

      2. How can I verify my account?

        After registration, YuuWallet system will send a verification message to the email address you registered. Simply click on the link found on the email content to verify. In case, you didn’t receive any verification email, check your spam folders or contact YuuWallet Support in order to proceed.

Account Limits:
      1.  What are my upload limit?

        The upload limit is currently set at SGD499 per load. You are allowed to upload maximum twice per day.

      2. Is there any limit applied on payments and withdrawals?

        Yes, due to security and legal reason, the payment & withdrawals limit is currently set at SGD 499.

      3. What’s my YuuWallet maximum balance limit?

        YuuWallet account limit is capped at SGD 999.

Manage my Account details:
      1. How can I modify my account details?

        After logging in to your account, simply click the “Settings” tab to modify your account details

      2. How can I update my address?

        You can update it by simply clicking on “Settings” tab to modify your address information.

      3. How can I view my transaction history?

        Login to YuuWallet and click on Transactions Tab. You may also filter your transactions history by transaction id, transaction type, or date range.

      4. Where can I upload identification card/proof of address?

        Login to YuuWallet and click on Settings Tab. Click on Upload Document under Supporting Documents. YuuWallet support team will be informed on the document upload and perform necessary verification as soon as we could.

      5. Can I change my bank account details?

        Unfortunately, for security reasons, bank account details cannot be changed once it’s setup. Please create a new Bank Account details and remove the unwanted entry from the bank account list.

    1. How to deposit using my credit/debit card for YuuWallet?

      1. Login to YuuWallet Account
      2. Click on “Upload” button below the YuuWallet balance
      3. Select Credit Card option
      4. Enter the amount you want to deposit
      5. Select MasterCard/Visa as card type, then click Upload
      6. You will be redirected to Credit Card payment page. Enter the required credit card information and then click Pay.
      7. Funds uploaded will be immediately credited to your YuuWallet balance once it’s approved by your Credit Card issuer.

    2. How long does it take to add funds to my YuuWallet account?

      It depends on the method used for uploading funds. If you have upload funds using credits cards, the funds will be automatically credited on a real-time basis.

      If funds are upload via a bank transfer, the funds will be reflected after YuuWallet has confirmed receipt of funds in their bank account.

Account security and verification:
    1. How do I withdraw fund to my local bank account?

    2. Please ensure that you have setup bank account details under Bank Accounts tab before proceeding with the following steps:

      1. Login to YuuWallet account
      2. click on “Withdrawal” button below the YuuWallet balance
      3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw
      4. Select the bank account you want to credit, then click Withdraw.

      There’s no charge to withdraw money from your YuuWallet balance to your local bank account. However, some banks may charge a fee for transfer. Contact your bank directly for more information.

      Transfers requested may take up to 48 hours on business days to be completed.

    3. How can I configure my local bank account details for withdrawal?

    4. Login to YuuWallet, and click on Bank Accounts. Click on Add New Account on the right top corner. Enter all necessary information required in the form and click Add.

      Please ensure that all bank information is inputted correctly to avoid delay on receiving fund at your bank account.

    5. Why does my withdrawal status show Completed but the money isn’t in my bank account?

    6. Status completed means we have processed your withdrawal. However, it may take your bank several days to make the money available to your bank account

    7. Can I withdraw money to my credit card?

    8. No, you can’t withdraw money to your credit card. You can only withdraw money to your local bank account

    9. How do I cancel a withdrawal?

    10. You may request for withdrawal cancellation if the status is not Completed. Kindly contact YuuWallet support to assist you further.

    11. Can I change my withdrawal limit?

    12. The withdrawal limit is currently set at SGD 499. Due to security reasons, this withdrawal limit cannot be changed

    13. How long does It take to withdraw my YuuWallet balance?

      Transfers requested may take up to 48 hours on business days to be completed

    1. How do I pay merchants via YuuWallet?

    2. You are able to pay to all YuuWallet participating merchants globally. During check-out on merchant website/portal, choose YuuWallet as payment method. Login using YuuWallet credential, verify the payment details, and click on the Pay. The merchant will receive the fund instantly.

    3. How do I check the status of a payment?

    4. You can view the status of each payment at the Transactions Tab. Search function also available for you to find the specific transaction you would like to view.

    5. Any problem if my account currencies is different from merchant?

      No, there is no issues if your merchant is using different currencies than your account currency. The funds will be automatically converted as per conversion rates where currency conversion fees may apply.

Getting Started:
      1. How can I file a complaint?

      2. To ensure your complaint is looked into swiftly, kindly contact YuuWallet support or you can file it via our contact form page.

      3. Where should I send my enquiries?

      4. Kindly file your enquiries via our contact form page

      5. How does YuuWallet protect me against fraudulent transactions?

      6. The YuuWallet system has layers of security to ensure that all data entry you have submitted to facilitate your transfers are private and won’t be shared with any entity.

      7. What makes YuuWallet so secure?

      8. Aside from the layers of security of the YuuWallet system, each merchant and customers undergo a KYC procedure. We also have a dedicated team of Product Managers to ensure security of each transaction.

        YuuWallet also abides by the eCommerce and Consumer Protections laws globally. It is on our best interest to protect all transaction performed both by our merchants and users

      9. Someone use my account for transactions. What should I do?

        Please report it right away to, so we can make the necessary actions.